So we are here with the second Weekly Round Up on Smartphone And Price (SAP); as the First Weekly round up was a great success then we are here to bring the second one and this week is full of a few rumors or leaks and also with a few of the smartphone that goes official. As we stated before this Weekly round Up is done to make the viewers aware of the various latest and recent happenings in the smartphone world in the past week. In the recent week what goes through is mentioned here. Nokia A1, Huawei Honor 5C and Lenovo Moto X 3rd generation are the smartphones that are in the recent leaks or rumors while there are some smartphones that got launched which includes the Huawei P9, Huawei P9 Plus, Huawei P9 Lite and Microsoft Lumia 650 launched in India goes official.weekly round up 2

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Launched / Released Smartphones –

Huawei Launched the much awaited Huawei P9 with the Dual 12MP rear facing camera

Huawei P9 smartphone goes official as the device was in the rumors and leaks from quite a few weeks. The device is now made official and will be going to available pretty soon in the nearby future. The device is the successor of the recently July 2015 launched P8 smartphone which was a bestselling device for the company last year. And the main thing is the dual rear facing camera in this new smartphone. ~ Read More Here ~

Huawei made P9 Plus official with the 4GB of RAm and 5.5″ display

Beside the P9; Huawei P9 Plus is another smartphone that is launched; the smartphone is going to be made available pretty soon in the nearby future. The device is going to be the successor of the recently July 2015 launched P8max smartphone which was a phablet with 6.8” of display. ~ Read More Here ~

Huawei P9 Lite shows in a review and is having the 13MP of the rear facing primary camera

Huawei P9 Lite is the third smartphone that got launched by the company today beside the P9 and P9 Plus devices. This is the smartphone with the low end specifications among the three smartphones launched by the company. Also this new smartphone is missing out on the dual rear facing camera that the other two siblings of its are featuring and also this is due to the fact that this smartphone is the low end device in the mid budget range. ~ Read More Here ~

Microsoft Lumia 650; that was awaited for long is now officially available in India

based Microsoft Lumia 650 smartphone goes officially launched in India. The smartphone is very much awaited in India and finally it hit the Indian smartphone market today. The smartphone is another mid budget ranger from Microsoft with all the latest features including the Windows 10 OS and many more to the cart. ~ Read More Here ~

Rumored / Leaked Smartphones –

Nokia A1 Android will going to be the first ever Android operating system smartphone from Nokia in 2017

Nokia A1 seems to be the next Android based smartphone from the Finnish smartphone maker Nokia. Before this; Nokia was in the news for its Nokia 1100 Android and Nokia C1 Android smartphone. But now according to the latest and recent news the C1 is actually the A1. So this is the new smartphone from Nokia in the entry level market featuring the Android operating system. ~ Read More Here ~

Lenovo Moto X 3rd Generation smartphone lands India for the testing procedure

Lenovo Moto X 3rd Generation is the new smartphone that seems to hit the market pretty soon in the upcoming few weeks. Motorola is not anymore there on the new Moto smartphone brandings as Lenovo the parent manufacturing company decides that from January, 2016 onwards all the Moto smartphones will be coming with the “Moto by Lenovo” branding. ~ Read More Here ~

Huawei Honor 5C; the sibling of the October 2015 launched Honor 5X is up for manufacturing

Its quite a few months back when the Huawei Honor 5x hit the smartphone market in October 2015 and now the new sibling Huawei Honor 5C is making its appearance in the smartphone market. The smartphone is said to be launched in the next week of April 2016. ~ Read More Here ~

So this is all about the Weekly Round Up – 2 from Smartphone And Price. Keep coming back to have the full detailed information about the latest and the upcoming smartphones.


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