So now the news came out that it’s not LG who is manufacturing the next Nexus smartphone but the next one will be HTC Nexus as HTC is all set to manufacture the next Google’s device and this time with the 3D – Touch pressure sensitive display. The next Nexus smartphone is coming with the pressure sensitive like display that can be seen in the Apple’s iPhone till now. Just recently Gionee Elife S8 smartphone was launched a few days back which is also featuring the 3D – Touch pressure sensitive nexus 2016

Not only these a few devices but also many other smartphone manufacturing companies like; Xiaomi, Oppo, Meizu, Vivo, etc are looking forward for this technology to be used in their new and next generation smartphones which will be launched in future.

What is the importance and benefit of 3D – Touch pressure sensitive display is that it allows the users to feel that they are actually pressing the real buttons as the user can reach out the ostensibly with the device having the 3D – Touch display that provides the caricaturist the ambience and rejoinder of the real nexus 2016 with 3d touch

So according to the latest news HTC Nexus smartphone seems most likely to be the Google’s Nexus device for the year 2016. And it is also possible that Google make this technology the common one in the smartphone devices that make the people feel good about the next generation smartphones that are about to launch this year or in near – by future.


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