Android N is coming soon and before this could happen Google the face behind the Android Operating System is providing you the opportunity to get you idea to find out the best name for the Android N. The developer preview for this new operating system is in its final steps and here is what Google provide you the opportunity to name the new Android N. And recently the Kerala Tourism Ministry on its official Twitter account encouraged the people all over the India and Kerala to vote for “Neyappam” as the name for the next Android OS from Google.poll for android n name

Sunder Pichai; the CEO of Google Inc. had already made it clear in December last year (2015) that the name of the Android N will be decided by the online poll. And also in his visit to India recently he also said that it is very much on the cards that the next Android OS could be named after an Indian sweet. So all, the Indians need to do is to Cast their vote with the best possible name for this new Android OS so that the next Android should be called by an Indian sweet name.

In order to cast your vote for the Android N OS you have just to click here.

So just cast your vote and also encourage your friends all over the globe to cast their vote with the  name that you all think is good for the next Android OS.


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