When we buy any Android smartphone these days first of all we try to go for downloading the apps that we like or we heard about from our friends who are using Android devices from many years. We choose the Android apps as per our need and never look around the one which are also there for us but we neglect those just because of the fact that we never heard about them or we never used them. So here we bring you the top 10 android apps 2016, the apps that are must have android apps of 2016.top 10 android apps 2016, best android apps, best apps for android, top android apps, must have android apps

If you are not having these apps then you have to very soon as they are the top android apps to download on your device and enjoy them. So have a look at the apps and enjoy them if you think that they are worth downloading, but in reality they really are worth downloading, and you will be kicking yourself after you go through this article for not downloading them yet.

Top 10 Android Apps 2016 –

So here we bring you the list of the 10 best android apps that are the known to the best apps for android smartphone.

With over more than the 300 million installs from Google Play Store this app has become the number one photo editor app in the Play Store. When it comes to edit your photo there is no better app than this and it is a best choice to do something creative with your photographs. The mission of the app is to beautify the world, and it is doing this with ease as it is the top installed app when it comes to the photo editing apps.

This is one of the must have android apps and is a four and half star app when it comes to the rating on Google Play Store for this app. It is one of the most powerful note making app that Google Play Store have till date. It allows you to take notes of almost everything and you can even add audio, video and even images to the note create list. It is a free cum in purchase app that act as a multi tool as it can act as to-do manager, list keeper, voice recorder, note taker and Web clipper.

This is the app that you normally found in every Android smartphone these days. What it does that, it help you to speak out or ask your problem to Google instead of typing it again and again. All you need to do is to tap or hold the Google Now icon and ask out your problem to Google. Google will provide you the instant answer and come up with the other links too. The motto of this one of the best android apps is “Transform the way you search on the go.”

This is one of the best password manager app you will find in the Google Play Store. With this app you can keep your personal information and lock down all your passwords to a security catacomb. All you need is the single password with this LastPass app and then after that it handles all the Store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles and much more. It automatically fills the web browser and other login details for you. This bring the app to the countdown of top android apps in 2016.

You can upload your own list of 50 thousand songs to this music app from Google. It also provides the free music to you no matter where you live in the world. If you get subscribed to the app then you can enjoy various premium features of this app like, The family plan, where up to six family members can enjoy Google Play Music for one low price, on-demand access to over 35 million songs, YouTube Red membership, download music to your device and listen when you’re not connected and ad-free uninterrupted listening.

How many of us go for the Coupon Codes whenever we do online shopping, so this is the app for those who always look around for the Coupon codes to do online shopping about anything. It helps you to find the best deals on almost anything that you are planning today or any day with the coupon codes that you find on this app and you can use that code immediately or can keep it with you if you need it sometime else. So don’t you think it is a good app to be in the list of top 10 android apps 2016.

When it comes to the best apps for android in third party keyboard over the Google Play Store, then comes the name SwiftKey Keyboard. It is both customizable and powerful third party keyboard that will make you go crazy with its speed and accuracy. It automatically learns you writing style and pattern with the emojis that you uses regularly and in order to do that it uses its artificial intelligence. It has over 250 millions installation over Google Play Store. It is the best because it is having 80+ colors, designs & themes and a dedicated Emoji keyboard.

Do you know the famous artists; Munk and Picasso, surely you will. So this newly added app to Google Play Store is very famous within a few weeks that it has made it to the list of top 10 android apps 2016. It uses the neutral networks and artificial intelligence to transform your pictures into the fabulous art works using the styles of some famous artists like Munk and Picasso.

Remember the days when you have to wait for quite a long to get the any format file from one smartphone to other by the Bluetooth. But gone are those days and all credit to the most famous file sharing app over Play Store Shareit. It is having the 400 millions of installations till date and the reason behind it is the fast speed to transfer even a file of 1 GB which got transferred within a minute from one Android device to another. And this fast sharing speed takes it to the list of must have android apps in 2016.

So when it come to customize your Android smartphone then first thing that comes in your mind is to change the launcher. And when it comes to get install a new launcher for the Android smartphone then the first name comes to mind is Nova Launcher. It is highly customizable, performance driven launcher which can be used to not only to replaces your home screen with one you control and can customize but you can change icons, layouts, animations and much more by installing this app.

It is very hard to bring together the top 10 android apps 2016 which are called to be the must have android apps but we put in our efforts to bring you the list of some of the best apps for android from a huge list of best android apps present on Google Play Store.which is full of over a million top android apps.

If still you find that some other apps are more powerful and best one to feature in this list of top 10 android apps 2016 : Must have Android Apps of 2016, then please do tell us in the comment section below.



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