Google has finally launched and made the latest and fastest version of Android operating system Marshmallow 6.0 official. The new Android operating system will bring in the top class features that you will love to have on your smartphones. Most of the problems of the Android operating system based smartphones are going to be resolved by this new OS update from marshmallow update

It is stated that Google is very keen to the fact that the next generation update of Android 6.0 Marshmallow will going to sort out the problems of the Android smartphone users up to a great extent. So the first question that strikes the mind of every Android smartphone user is whether or not his or her device will be getting Android Marshmallow update in the near future or not and if not then Which smartphones will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update and when – Here’s answer to all your questions. Just sit back comfortably and we will tell you the answer for it that – “Which smartphones will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update and when” with all other details.

First of all what goes through the mind is “what are the Android 6.0 Marshmallows top features.” Here it is sorted out for you.

Top 10 features of Android 6.0 Marshmallowtop 10 features of android marshmallow

  • Doze :

So the first comes the most important one that is Doze. What is does that it sort out the problem of fast battery drainage of your Android devices. All the Android smartphone lovers want to have a smartphone that can last for long so Android Marshmallow comes up with this new feature called Doze that will help your smartphone to consume the lesser amount of battery when the smartphone is in idle state. What is does that it minimizes the background processes when your smartphone is not in use and the Doze feature will act during this period of time though all the necessary functions like, alarms, calls, etc will be working during this process so don’t worry about missing out those.

  • RAM Manager :

Then comes; the second most important feature of Android Marshmallow that is “RAM Manager.” With this new feature that Google brought up with the new Android 6.0 update you can actually have a glimpse of the amount of the RAM being used by the certain apps on your Android smartphone in the specific amount of time. This app is helpful in knowing the amount of RAM a particular app is using and also how the overall RAM of your Android smartphone is performing. And the major feature is that you can change the amount of time period that you want to see how an app is using the RAM on your device.

  • Rotating Home Screen :

This is the brand new feature for all those who never used the big notebooks or tablets as some of the tablets and notebooks have this feature to change the view of home screen from portrait to landscape or vice versa. But with this new Android Marshmallow update every Android smartphone having this new OS can have the rotating home screen feature enabled in the device.

  • Reset Network Settings :

Till now the Android smartphone users can only reset he smartphone nothing else in the device but with this new “Reset Networking Settings” feature the device user can reset the networking settings too. And while performing this “Reset Networking Settings” your smartphone will be totally protected from being reset only the Network settings of your smartphone will be reset which includes the Bluetooth, wifi, cellular data and mobile networks and all this just on a single tap.

  • Now On Tap – Google :

This is another new feature from Google to all the Android Marshmallow OS based smartphone users. This feature is helpful to you to summon the Google to assist you at any particular time no matter what you are doing at that moment on your smartphone. You will be offered the use contextual information about what you are doing on your smartphone by just tapping and holding the Home Screen button on your smartphone.

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